BornToGetThere project – 01/01/2020-12/31/2023

Hubstract srl is one of the partners of BornToGetThere project!

The aim of ‘BornToGetThere’ is to build a European network for diagnosis and early intervention in newborns at risk of developing cerebral palsy, such as pre-term or difficult birth babies

Its results will have an impact on the quality of life of at-risk infants and their families.
More than 5,000 infants will be screened and, among them, 500 children found to be at risk for this disorder will then be assessed by 300 operators including paediatricians, neurologists and other specialists, who will follow them from diagnosis to monitoring and early intervention.
These are some of the numbers that give an idea of the impact that the project, which will be launched on 11 and 12 February at the ‘Le Benedettine’ Congress Centre of the University of Pisa in the presence of all the partners, will have.

LINCOLN PROJECT – 10/01/2016-09/30/2019

Hubstract srl is one of the partners of LINCOLN project!

Lincoln is an EU Horizon 2020 research project of 36 month duration (1st October 2016 – 30th September 2019) using innovative design methodologies and tools for the development of three types of completely new vessels concepts through dynamic simulation model testing in the maritime sector.

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HUBstract is online

The website of HUBstract is online, the company founded in February 2013 by some professionals sharing a long working experience within the Pisa Ricerche Consortium. HUBstract aims to support private companies, public institutions, university and research bodies in the construction and management of a research and innovation project in all its phases
: writing of the proposal, support to the negotiation, monitoring and coordination of the activities foreseen by the program from a financial, administrative and technical point of view.

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